How Do You Connect With Others in an Impersonal World?

At KCF Our Goal is to Build Authentic Community.

Do you ever feel like you and those around you are passing like ships in the night?
 God designed us with two very specific needs - to commune with Him and to fellowship with one another.
 And yet, despite a mind-boggling array of technology to help us communicate, human beings have never felt more isolated.

At KCF we are a family and we want to function like one.
 We strive to be a church where "no one stands alone" and where our form of social networking has more to do
 with personally touching lives and less with touching a keyboard.

Our "Community Groups" are cells of 6 to 15 people who meet informally together on a regular basis in life-changing fellowship. 
We want to grow deeper in Jesus, serve one another, care for one another, share honestly and speak the truth in love.

Community Group Gatherings

Call the church office for more info: (440) 256-1001